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Koppin's Bloggity Blog

Posted by chris koppin on 2012/09/24
I grew up in the small town of Bancroft. There wasn't much there when I was navigating those turbulant teenage years so I found great comfort in music. I would listen to whatever radio station I could get in, I would spend hours listening to my...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/09/18
They say that necessity is the mother of invention, I have always thought that laziness is the mother of invention (think about it..if you didn't want to get cold we'd all be using outhouses because why invent a flush toilet!) and the father was...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/08/15
This just in..Eggs are bad for you. Now if memory serves (and let's be honest, it rarely does) didn't we just hear that eggs were good for you not too long ago! I find it next to impossible to keep track of these things. Chocolate is supposed to...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/06/18
Do you ever fall for a good story? You hear that so and so saw a story on the news about a guy who was walking down the street when a presumedly bored raccoon charged out of  the hedges and attacked a guy because he had just been cleaning his...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/05/08
The world of science and research is full of ideas that have practical applications and others that make you scratch your head and wonder what's in those beakers! Then there is research like this....Two mechanical engineers at the University of...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/04/23
Everyone panic!!! There's a snow storm coming!!! When did canadians get so wimpy! All the media outlets today are using apocalyptic tones as a spring storm descends on the province. Get your generator gassed up, fill the tub with water, horde...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/04/12
I'm not usually impressed by what school board officials do. I find they react too quickly and never with the majority but instead with the vocal drives me crazy! But I have to give credit toTrustee Angela Kennedy of the Toronto...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/04/09's a word that means a million different things to a million different people. To some it is in the everyday activities, sacrificing for your children, sacrificing for your partner, sacrificing for your own sanity! It's all about...


Posted by chris koppin on 2012/04/02
Now they've done it! The powers that be have decided that I should start a blog and here today.... our very first one! Ta Da! The fact of the matter is that I never have enough time to really get into the stories I bring you and this will give ...


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