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Holodomor National Awareness Tour visits the OM

On Thursday July 12, the Oshawa Museum will welcome the Holodomor National Awareness Tour to Lakeview Park. 

About the Holodomor National Awareness Tour
The Holodomor National Awareness Tour is a project of the Canada-Ukraine Foundation, supported by the Federal and the Ontario governments, that is designed to create awareness of the Holodomor Genocide Famine through a mobile tolerance educational centre. The Holodomor Mobile Classroom (HMC) is a 40 foot RV that has been redesigned into a state-of-the-art technological interactive learning environment that brings awareness and educates students on the historical events of the Holodomor Genocide of 1932-1933 and its relevance to democracy, diversity, freedom, tolerance and human rights today. It empowers students to make a change and take action against hate and intolerance. It also helps visitors understand how a lack of intercultural understanding can lead to injustices.

The objective of the project is to build bridges among communities to promote intercultural understanding, awareness and a deeper respect for the democratic values that we Canadians hold so dear, including the importance of human rights, the rule of law and human dignity.

The Holodomor Mobile Classroom will be in Oshawa’s Lakeview Park on Thursday July 12 and available for viewing from 8am-4pm. The Oshawa Museum is proud to be partnering with the Holodomor National Awareness Tour to bring this important exhibition to Oshawa and our community. The Oshawa Museum is located at 1450 Simcoe Street South, Lakeview Park.

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