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Last November Luke Combs proposed to now fiancé Nicole Hocking. Since then they haven't even managed to set a date. Luke says they've just been too busy to start planning. He says they haven't been home for more than three or four days at a time. Luke is also trying to keep the wedding as private as he can. He doesn't even like the term 'celebrity wedding' and because everything he does is scrutinized to some degree Nicole and him are trying to figure out way to pull this off. Luke says later this year he has close to six weeks off so they are hoping to get the ball rolling then.
Every artist has a musical influence or two. Not every influence has to be another artist. for Jimmie Allen it was his grandmother. She loved music and to sing. But her influence had nothing to do with the quality of her singing. Jimmie says, "Yeah, grandma wasn't much of a (laughs). She influenced my singing, but she wasn't the biggest singer in the family. She kinda sounded like a hummingbird. If you could mix a hummingbird and Aaron Neville? That's kinda like what my grandma sounds like. She used to be an usher at the church and just loved music. She would stand at the back of the church and point her finger, but not to the beat. So, if you're singing, don't watch her because she'll throw you off.
Everyone needs someone in their corner. Someone to tell them they're doing great and to encourage them. For Morgan Wallen that someone is an important woman in his life. His Great-Grandmother. "She's 91 years old, so she's had a great life and she's the toughest person I know. She tells me she's proud about every 30 minutes."
Kacey Musgraves has an amazing music career going. Apparently you can add modeling career to her to do list. she just signed with IMG Modeling agency, which represents some of the biggest names in the fashion industry, such as Bella and Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss, Hailey Bieber and Lily Aldridge.
Blake Shelton was on The Ellen DeGeneres Show recently and she presented him with a clock. The face of the clock had a picture of Gwen Stefani and Blake. The idea behind the clock is that it's ticking in terms of Blake proposing to Gwen. Just putting a little pressure on Blake don't you think? Ellen will be sending the clock to Gwen and Blake's place. Blake says he's hoping that this will actually get Gwen to propose to him. Gwen has responded to that and basically said that is not how things are going to work. So, the ball is clearly back in Blake's court.
Recently Charles Kelley of Lady Antebellum admitted that life was getting a little too crazy for him, his wife, and his bandmates, because his drinking was getting out of hand. It got to the point that family and bandmates stepped in and let him know he had to do something about it. Charles did and now that he's sober, his connection to Dave Haywood, Hillary Scott and his faith is deeper than ever. Charles says, "A lot of my struggles have brought us closer together and there's stuff we talk about now that we never used to talk about. We thought we were close, but I still think there was a little bit of like, alright, he's the wild one, I don't really relate to them as much. They're the Jesus geeks here. And now we're like, 'Oh man, I was praying last night and I had this crazy connection with God, and I felt this,' and I'm like, we're so much closer now that we even enjoy all of this even more now. This isn't a chore, this is kinda fun to talk about, this is exciting. So, it feels fresh."
Usually when artists are influenced by their peers, it's in terms of their singing, songwriting or performing. For Morgan Evans also picks up on something else -- their humanity. Morgan Evans is always watching how his fellow country stars behave. "You know, what I respect about an artist is how they carry themselves off stage, how they look after their people, and how their people look after them, and how their people look after the artists that are on the road with them, too."
Even with the incredible amount of success Luke Combs has had, he's stayed a pretty humble, unassuming guy. So when he went to make a major jewelry purchase, he wasn't taken very seriously. Recently, Luke went to buy a Rolex while in New York. He was opening for Jason Aldean at Madison Square Garden. However, buying a Rolex wasn't as simple as you might think. The clerk was basically refusing to sell Luke the watch he asked for. He joked, "Anytime I go into the watch store, they're like, 'No public bathrooms.'" The clerk assumed that based on how Luke looks he couldn't afford a Rolex. After Luke shared that he was playing the Garden that night, the clerk was able to magically produce the timepiece.

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