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Lauren Alaina will be a part of the upcoming season of Dancing With The Stars. Lauren has been in the TV spotlight before when she was on American Idol eight years ago. So she's prepared if people go on social media and trash her. She says, "I kinda feel sorry for them because I think what is going on in their life that makes them so sad and miserable or angry that they feel the need to get on my page and say that. Hurt people hurt people, that's what I say, so they're hurting in some way, I'm sure."
When Jason Aldean graduated from high school he had a choice. Head to college to continue his education and play baseball or take a gap year. He decided to do the gap year. For Jason, that year turned into a career. He says, "I opted to not go to college to play baseball and try music for a year because I had already started playing in some clubs and stuff. And that year off turned into now, how many years has it been since I was 18? Yeah, it lasted a lot longer than I thought." btw. We did the math for Jason. It's been 24 years.
Carrie Underwood has been performing the theme for Sunday Night Football for several seasons now. This coming season Carrie Underwood and Joan Jett are teaming up to record the song. They performed together at CMA Fest a couple of months back and hit it off. Afterward Carrie suggested the two of them work together on the theme. And why not. "Waiting All Day for Sunday Night," is based on Joan's "I Hate Myself for Loving You." We'll get to see a preview of the clip on this week's edition of Sunday Night Football. It's still the pre-season. We get to see and hear the whole thing when the regular season kicks off next month. The first Sunday night game is September 8th.
Early Monday morning Tyler Hubbard's wife, Hayley, gave birth to their son, Luca. Although Tyler and Hayley are thrilled to have a son and daughter, having a new born is tiring. Hayley tried to wake Tyler up yesterday morning to help out by putting a piece of bacon under his nose. She gave it a try three times. Apparently, no dice. Tyler says, "Having a baby is just exhausting. ?Hayley had been trying to wake me up for 20 minutes to help her out. If at 10am a piece of bacon won’t do it then nothing will. Haha.
He's not sure why, but Keith Urban's Mom just sent him all his school report cards from grade one and up. Keith says, "I don't know why she kept them, I guess that's what you do. Of course, you do. They were terrible. All my report cards were terrible. So, our girls are doing much better, thank goodness. Not following Dad in that way." Probably not a bad idea to keep those report cards under lock and key so his daughters don't see them until they are finished school. Just in case they try to use the argument, "Dad, you didn't do well in school and things worked out for you."
With his young son Huck just two months old, being on the road has been a challenge for Randy Houser. He loves playing and performing his music of course, but he misses his family. He says, "It's tough because I've been on the, I was home for three nights in four weeks of his second month of life, which is crazy and it sucks, but that's reality."

If you have children then you will feel Thomas Rhett's pain. His two daughters, Willa and Ada, love to watch the same movies over and over again. In particular they love to watch "Frozen' and "Coco". Thomas says, "Between Coco and Frozen, I am completely sick of ‘Let It Go’ and ‘Frozen’. And then this song called ‘Remember Me’ that’s in Coco. that we literally watch every single day, and now has drifted to The Little Mermaid. So, I would say that those three songs, if I never heard them again, I would not be upset.” With another daughter on the way it looks as Thomas will have to live through this for a while longer.

Luke Combs says he's not the kind of guy who looses his cool. He admits to being a little impatient and frustrated at times but getting angry isn't really in him. Luke does have a reputation for being laid back and one of the nicest guys in the business. He says, "I mean I don't have much to be angry about." Given where is personal and career lives are right now you'd have to agree with Luke.

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